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Customer focus

We consider it our pleasure to educate people in the Alchemy that is fragrance.
Showing our customers how fragrance can enhance their products and captivate their customers.

We manufacture fragrances for all applications from fine fragrances to fragrances for household cleaning products.
Personal Care and Sunscreen fragrances are especially a focus.
We are also experts at essential oil blends/natural fragrances for a wide variety of uses.

Our range of fragrances extends to well over 1000 different fragrances ‘off the shelf’.
However we are always happy to help develop that specific fragrance that is just right for our customers.


With pack sizes of fragrances ranging from 10kg minimum through to multiples of 200kg and minimums of 1kg for essential oils we can cover our customer’s requirements!

We are the fragrances behind the brands. Our product lets your brand shine but your product confidentiality is always respected. 


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