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Do you manufacture in Australia?


Our fragrances are manufactured here in Bayswater, Victoria.

Our essential oils are sourced from around the world.


Are you Australian owned?


We are a family owned company since 1952


What type of companies are your customers?


We service all types of customers from large personal care companies supplying the major supermarket chains to small family run companies making candles.


Can I have samples?


The best way to organize samples is to contact our customer manager or product development manager.

This way we can find out of the 1000’s of fragrances we have the specific match suitable for your application or product type, sensory requirements and budget.


What are your lead times?


Depending on the development of your samples they can be dispatched within a couple of days to a couple of weeks.


The lead time for orders to be manufactured is 5-10 working days.


Laboratory matching of fragrances can take from one week to several months depending on the complexity of the fragrance.

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